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Solidarity with Chinese Laid-off, Oppressed, Injured and Killed Workers

After persisting with their protest for more than 2 months, the Chongqing Special Steel Factory (CSSF) workers have been suppressed by armed forces on October 7, 2005. It was reported that the nine workers’ delegates were arrested, dozens of people were injured and two elderly women, and perhaps a child too, were killed. It is believed that the Chongqing government received instruction from Beijing to take action on the day before the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s 16th Fifth Plenary Session, which was also a night before the Asian and Pacific Mayoral Summit opening day in Chongqing.

The CSSF has a long history since the anti-Japanese War when Chongqing was China’s capital. The factory has 4.5 square kilometers with about 100,000 workers and their families living in the area. It declared bankruptcy in July of this year, but did not properly handle the laid off worker’s severance pay, medical insurance, unemployment compensation, retirement pension, etc. Before the announcement of bankruptcy, the factory bosses with the city officials formed a new private company to take over CSSF’s assets and equipment with less than 10% price of the actual value. Workers have requested to “buy back” their factory with higher price but in vain.

American workers are familiar to the history of the bitter steelworkers’ strike in Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1892. This is a typical case occurs daily in China, the so-called “world factory,” where workers even have no rights to organize their own unions. To show solidarity with the CSSF and all Chinese workers, we strongly urge immediate actions from international world to request:

That the Chongqing government condole with the dead families, cure the injured people and release the arrested workers;
That the Chongqing government investigate the whole situation, restore CSSF’s former status and let workers run the factory;
That the Chinese government nationwide immediately stop any further privatization “reform” schemes, recognize workers’ rights to organize independent unions, and let workers run their factories.

International Committee to Support Chinese Workers:
Chinese Socialist Labor Party Overseas Representative Office (San Jose)
Federation for a Democratic China (USA)
Global Community Earth Government (Canada)
Labor Party (USA) [to be confirmed]
Human Agenda (San Jose) [to be confirmed]
Peninsula Anarchist Collective (Palo Alto) [to be confirmed]
United Steel, Paper, and Forestry, Rubber, manufacturing, Energy, Allied-Industrial and Service Workers [to be confirmed]
April Fourth Action (Hong Kong) [to be confirmed]
San Francisco Labor Council [to be confirmed]

Contact: Jing Zhao,
US-Japan-China Comparative Policy Research Institute
2352 Darnell Ct., San Jose, CA 95133 USA
1-408-729-7251, 1-408-549-9989 (Fax),

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